Collaborate and Sell Machine

SPEEDFORMER KMD 78 SmartThe KMD 78 Smart combines proven German technology with local manufacturing and technical support in China - a German-Chinese success story, 100% made by Kiefel. All engineering standards and quality processes are applied in China, guaranteeing the highest level of satisfaction.

SPEEDFORMER KMD 78.1 PremiumThe proven KMD 78.1 Premium perfectly meets your production requirements by enabling your customized configuration with proven stacking up/down, Pick&Place stacking as well as sophisticated tip stacking.

SPEEDFORMER KMD 90.1 PremiumBenefit from easy use of existing tools, such as Sencorp 2500 series tools. As proven SPEEDFORMER model it perfectly meets your production requirements by enabling your customized configuration with proven down stacking as well as Pick&Place stacking.

SPEEDFORMER KTR 5.2 SpeedBenefit from the new generation KTR 5.2 Speed with increased production & maximum efficiency. With the innovative KTR 5.2 cup forming machine to the perfectly formed end product.

SPEEDFORMER KTR 6.1 SpeedWith the proven KTR 6.1 Speed, you get everything from a single source: thermoforming machine, tooling, and automation solution.

Here you get customized turnkey solutions for your product - thermoforming machine, tool, and automation from a single source: Innovative stacking modules, such as the pick-up stacker, ensure efficient stacking and removal of your products. The right automation solution guarantees safe and hygienic packaging of the product.

KFT 90 SpeedThe KFT 90 Speed offers the advantage of a smaller footprint and easy, manual mold change - a perfect all-rounder for fiber-formed products.

KFT LabThe KFT Lab is the solution for research and development as well as for the production of molded fiber samples for product development. The Lab machine’ s small footprint and compact size, as well as manual and automatic processing, make it the perfect choice not only for start-ups, but also for experienced manufacturers to optimize their production process.