When you initially contact LIT SENG, the sales associates are the first department you will encounter. Our sales personnel are all very patient and professional, which allows them to accurately capture your queries. With over 27 years of experience in the thermoforming industry, we are not only familiar with all types of thermoforming equipment, but also with market items. Furthermore, if
you only have a product and want to mass produce it, we may recommend a machine that is appropriate for your product. Scilicet, LIT SENG is a complete thermoforming solution.

Design and development

Design and development is a process where bring your idea into a finished product. Our product design experts will accompany you through the entire prototyping process and make recommendations for product stacking, product strength, and lock tightness design.

Project planing

Once the final product shape is finalized, LIT SENG will expand the project is based on your thermoforming machine and offers you with information such as mould layout, cavity numbers, and scrap factor to help you anticipate your daily production.


After the moulds are created, LIT SENG will conduct in-house testing to ensure that the moulds are operating properly and will supply the setting formula (KIEFEL). If our customers experience mould problems during mass production, LIT SENG can send a technical representative to your facility to work with you to fix the problem.


Our service does not end with the delivery of the mould to our customers. If you have any problems throughout the mass production, please contact us. We are delighted to collaborate with you and provide you with complete support if you encounter any technical difficulties. LIT SENG maintains an open mind and welcomes any input from our customers. In other words, your opinions and advice serve as the fundamental motor that propels LIT SENG to the next level.